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What Makes Us Different?

Zero-Bot Guarantee™

We have spent countless hours developing technology that validates every click or lead generated within our network to make sure that there is a real human interacting with your offers. Unlike other traffic sources (Google Adwords included) our accounting system automatically ignores Bots so that you never pay for fake traffic.

94% Client Retention Rate

We did the math, chances are, once you start working with us you won’t want to stop.

Darwin 'Safe-Scale' Process™

We have a process we have perfected over the last 15 years that allows us to safely scale our clients while making sure their goals are our top priority.


Traditional Investing

Alternative Investing

Money Management



Send traffic to your offers at a guaranteed cost per click


Generate leads for your business at a guaranteed cost per lead

We Hope You Find The Humor In This…

Someday in the near future you’ll be looking back, laughing at the fact that all this time there’s been a faster, easier, more profitable way to generate hyper-targeted leads for your business. Unlike old, clunky and wasteful forms of advertising, Darwin Investor Network specializes in performance marketing solutions, on a guaranteed Cost Per Lead basis and Cost Per Click basis. You can start generating targeted leads and traffic for your business if you’re in the following niches: Investing/Trading Stocks and Options, Alternative Investments, Real Estate, Physical Gold/Silver, Health, Political, Cryptos, and more!



Discover how to add an advertising business to your existing business model with zero cost, in fact, we pay you to do it


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Where Do We Send Your Check?

If you have an email list, we can help you make extra cash each month. How much? That depends on your list size, demographics, and how many times you mail our offers. However, most of our traffic sources make an extra $5k-$30k per month just for sending out a few emails. This is quite possibly the laziest way for you to make extra money from your database. It requires no long-term commitment, costs you nothing to start, and you’re in full control of what is sent to your list. All you need to do is review the offers we showcase, select the ones you like, hit ‘send’ and wait for your cash to arrive the very next week. The only question we have for you is… where do we send your check?