I just wanted to say thank you…you have given our business a whole new avenue that I don’t need to manage”

Geoff Bysshe, Market Gauge
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I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with the Darwin team for a while now and I’m still struck even now by their laser focus on exceeding my expectations. I’ve worked with a multitude of different partners in this industry, and I can honestly say Darwin is at the apex of my client list. But when you have a dedicated team, like Darwin, that places you on the same side of the table, relentlessly optimizing so you both move forward together…it’s easy to understand why. We’ve been running the Click-to-opt-in with them for a little over a year now and they have consistently hit or exceeded our CPA target with each budget and I look forward to scaling even more with them in 2016 and beyond.”

Mike Finarelli, Growth and Insights Team, The Motley Fool
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I don’t make many videos or recommendations because there’s not too many people you can rely on…but I’m a big fan of Darwin”

Adam Mesh, Adam Mesh Trading Group
adam mesh trading group

I’ve been working with Darwin Network for over a year now. I’m extremely sensitive to specific metrics when it comes to advertising and Darwin has been exceeding my CPA goals. Darwin has become my go-to network for advertising and I’m trying to spend as much money as possible with them given my acquisition metrics exceeding expectations. I’m looking forward to my continued relationship with Darwin over the years.”

Cory Bridgewater, Market Harbinger Institute
Market Harbinger Institute

Darwin is probably the most confident staff I’ve even worked with”

Jack Carter, Superior Information
Superior Information

I want to thank you for all the help you’ve offered me over the past year. I originally started with your Quantum program and found that the leads were responding very similarly to leads that I generated myself over time.

Over the past several months however, since switching to the one click/CTO program that you offer and I’ve been extremely pleased. My average conversion went from 90 days to about 30 days and the number of qualified leads has gone up tremendously. Last month was a record month for the business and you guys are partly responsible for that. so I want to thank you and Michael for the help you’ve given me! I should have started these leads last summer!

As you know I first started buying leads every 3 to 4 months, but with the performance of the one click/CTO I’m now looking to expand aggressively over the next few months by doubling my monthly order.

Thanks again for all the help”

Roger Scott, Market Geeks
Market Geeks

I’ve worked with several different agencies, and Darwin stands out as the most helpful by far. They understand that for a long-term marketing relationship to continue all parties need to “win,” and they work hard to make it happen. Plus they’re darn friendly and easy to work with! I look forward to escalating my spend steadily since the returns are so good.”

Alane K.
Investing Daily

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