What Makes Darwin Investor Network Different

  1. Premium, Targeted Traffic:  100% of our traffic is targeted investor traffic.  So if you have investing or trading offers, you are in the right place.
  2. Targeted Demographic: You can count on primarily reaching men in our network (roughly 75% men and 25% women), the majority of which are 50 years old or older, living in the United States with income exceeding $100k per year or more who have opted in to our brands by way of an investing or trading-related offer.  
  3. Zero Bots, Guaranteed!: We have spent countless hours and resources developing technology that validates every click or lead generated within our network to make sure that there is a real human interacting with your offers.  Unlike other traffic sources (Google Adwords included) our accounting system automatically ignores Bots so that you never pay for fake traffic.
  4. We understand your needs because we are marketers ourselves.  Over the last 13 years we have generated tens of millions of dollars online for our clients.  This experience has given us the experience required to successfully launch, manage and optimize your campaigns.

Some Of Our Clients

Some Of Our Brands (Over 100 Total)

Cost Per Click (CPC)


Your dedicated email will be deployed throughout our network. As investors click on your promo link, those actions are debited from your prepaid budget

With over 100 investor brands, your best performing offers will have excellent scaling opportunities

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CPC Pricing:

For non-webinar offers: $4.00/click

For webinar offers: $6.00/click

For alternative investment offers: $6.00/click

For us to utilize a suppression file add $1.00 per click for every 50k suppression file

Click To Opt In (CTO)


CTO uses a data transfer link within the email presenting advertisers with an effortless lead generation solution. When a subscriber clicks a link within our email, a copy of their email address is automatically transferred over to the client’s database while simultaneously sending the subscriber to our client’s sales page or thank you page. Appropriate disclosures are listed close to the links.

CTO Pricing:

Standard CTO, Non-Webinar: $7.00/lead

CTO with Campaign Suppression: $8.00/lead

CTO Unique: $10/lead plus $1/lead more for every 50k names.

Standard CTO mentioning webinar: $9.00/lead

CTO/Webinar with Campaign Suppression: $10.00/lead

CTO/Webinar Unique: $12.50/lead per 50k supp file

Simple Submit (SS)


SS uses the same data transfer technology as CTO except this takes it a step further for business owners who require an additional emphasis on consent and prefer their subscribers to take the action of ‘filling’ out an opt-in form.

This product shows the subscriber’s email in an opt-in form within the email itself automatically filled within the form.

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SS Pricing:

Standard SS, Non-Webinar: $9.00/lead

SS with Campaign Suppression: $10.00/lead

SS Unique: $12.50/lead per 50k supp file

Standard SS mentioning webinar: $12.00/lead

SS Webinar with Campaign Suppression: $13.00/lead

SS Webinar Unique: $15.00/lead per 50k supp file

Newsletter Ads


7 days a week, Darwin Investor Network emails a newsletter to each of our brands. Within those newsletters are ads which are sold on both a Cost Per Click and Click To Opt In basis. The results for clients who have invested in our newsletter ads have been consistently outstanding! The newsletter ads will allow you to reach a different sort of subscriber within our network; subscribers who demonstrate that they are willing to invest time reading investing articles to give their portfolio an edge!

Newsletter Ad Pricing:

CPC: $3.00/Click

Standard CTO: $6/lead

Darwin Custom Offers


When investors subscribe to one of our in-house offers they are greeted with our Darwin Custom Offer path. Here, they will see 5 customized opt-in pages with compelling investor offers, but they can only choose one. When they choose to opt in to your offer, they leave our Darwin Custom Offer path and land on your sales page or thank you page.

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Darwin Custom Offer Pricing:

CR (Custom Redirect, No Email Transfer) $6.00

CTO Email Only: $7.00

CPL (Shows Email Opt In Field): $8.00

CPL Name, Email, Phone: $15.00

Alternative Investment Offers CPL (Name, Email, Phone) $25.00

For unique leads add $0.50 per lead for every 50k suppression file

Premium Coreg


Premium Coreg is different than traditional coreg because the subscriber cannot select multiple offers on the the page.

When the subscriber is finished entering their email address into one of our in-house offers, one Premium Coreg offer is revealed.

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Premium Coreg Pricing:

Email only, we control redirect: $4.00

Email only, you control redirect: $6.00

Standard Coreg


Standard Co-reg (Co-reg short for co-registration) is an excellent way to build your database inexpensively. The difference between our co-reg and other co-reg sources available to you is that ours is 100% investor traffic. Think of Co-reg as a way to get the right demographic with the right interest at a discount. That being said, Co-reg typically takes a bit longer to monetize than our other products because you do not get as much of the subscriber’s immediate mindshare. Like any tool, you need to understand what it is used for (you wouldn’t try hammering a nail into the wall with a screwdriver, would you?). Standard Co-reg is great tool for building your database with potential buyers and inexpensively filling your funnel with the right target market who are currently responding to investing offers. If your funnel and promotional rhythm are optimized, this product should work really well for you!

Standard Coreg Pricing:

Unchecked (email only): $3.50/lead

Pre-Checked (email only): $2.50/lead



If you like co-reg then you’ll love Quantum Lead Generation! This is one of Darwin Investor Network’s first lead generation products that we ever offered our clients. Quantum Lead Generation works by combining two client budgets together in a co-reg fashion, in order to reduce their cost per lead. The difference between Standard Co-Reg and Quantum Lead Generation is that there won’t be more than two paying partners involved in the lead sharing effort; unlike co-reg, where there can be up to six.

Additionally, the leads are generated as soon as they opt in to one of Darwin’s in-house offers. Appropriate disclosures of this strategy are prominently positioned on the page. After opting in, the subscriber will receive your autoresponder and off they go along your funnel path or into your promotional list!

Quantum Pricing:

Email only: $2.25/lead

We Look Forward To Launching Your Campaign!

Darwin Investor Network

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