External Channel FAQ’s

Last Updated: 04/16/2021

• Can I send offers to other lists I don’t own?

No, not without explicit approval.

• Can I send CPC traffic from any other traffic sources, ad networks, mobile banner ads traffic, SMS, push ads, etc.?

No. Only email traffic from your lists that we know about is approved. If we discover you are driving any other source of traffic, our relationship will be terminated.

• Why are my platform numbers not matching your dashboard numbers?

We have filters in place to protect our clients by removing known bots and duplicate clicks.

• My test click isn’t tracking, can you see what the issue is?

There are a few reasons this may be happening. Sometimes it is due to the subscriber being on a suppression list, it could be flagged as a bot, you may not have copied the correct merge code for your platform’s tracking. Please check the merge code and try again. Then reach out to me if you still suspect an issue.

• Why is my click showing up twice?

One would be your click, the other would be our click validator. The duplicated clicks will be removed every night through a cron job.

• Why are our overseas subscribers being blocked from offers?

Due to GDPR, many countries have been blocked from receiving our CTO offers.

• I don’t want this offer, could you get me another one?

I could, but you most likely can do it yourself with a recently enabled feature that allows you to decline offers and accept a different one on your own. If this feature is not enabled for you, then you can absolutely reach out to me on skype and I will try to accommodate your request.

• I’m sorry I missed that send, can I send it on this date?

Not unless I get approval first from the Ad Manager. Please connect with me and I’ll make sure the campaign has enough available budget for you to still send it out.

• Can I get a list of my leads to see what you consider a bot and a good lead?

Yes, upon request.

• This lead you are calling a bot has actual purchases of our products, so why are they being marked as bots?

They might belong to a Spam prevention service such as Spam Assassin or Barracuda (or some similar platform), which protects their emails from receiving spam. The way these systems work is, they click every link in every email sent to the subscriber before the subscriber actually receives the email to their inbox. If they suspect the email is spam, they will send it to their junk folder automatically, or block it altogether. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a real person who owns that email. It just means most of the clicks are the spam checker, not the human. Our technology knows the difference. For example, we may see 2 clicks from the same email address (eg: mike@aol.com) but one IP may be from the IP address 52.345.5858 Amazon and the other may be 172.345.87.45 Comcast. The Comcast one is the human click. The Amazon one is a click from a program living on a server.

• If I clean my list, can I begin mailing again?

Yes, but we’ll need to connect prior to re-adding offers to your list to do some testing.

• If I send to a smaller segment to decrease the number of clicks while I clean my list out, can I begin mailing again?

Connect with me and I will check with the Account Managers to see if we are able to let us try your list again.

• Can I send offers to other lists I own but aren’t ready to be added (small size)?

We would need to know information about this list before doing so.

• Is it ok to have multiple lists that have some of the same email addresses?

It is OK if some happen to be on the same list, but if the lists are just copies of one another that will not work out well for our clients.

• Can I get a finders fee for referring lists?

We do not have a program set up for that currently.

• How long before I can change tiers?

Tiers are evaluated monthly to see if we can move any of them up. Conversely, for lists whose performance has declined, those are subject to be moved down a tier, also.

• What exactly are the requirements to change tiers?

Your list has to be performing better for our clients than it had been for at least a month to move up a tier. This is based on client ROI.

• My platform isn’t on your dropdown, can you fix that?

Yes, please provide the name of the platform and the merge code, and our Tech Department will add it.

• Images aren’t showing up when I copy the code, can you help?

Yes, please try sending a live send to yourself only (or you can also add me and I’ll check it too). The images sometimes do not show up for tests. If it still isn’t showing for you, I can send you the image file separately.

• My newsletter widget isn’t working anymore, why?

Please re-generate the widget code regularly to make sure that all new campaigns are being pulled in.

• The newsletter widget code broke my formatting, can you fix it?

Please ask your tech person to fix the broken code. If you don’t have a tech person, depending on the platform, it’s possible our tech team can help.

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